Our Vision and Mission

Paths We Have Defined for EKOL

Our Vision

To achieve sustainable success by strengthening our educational competencies. To be an educational institution that is accepted in the international environment by conforming to international standards.

“To provide maritime training to meet national and international standards.”

Ekol Denizcilik Binası

Our Mission

To train seafarers with the professional is to train seafarers with the professional and communication skills needed in a globally competitive environment, by being reliable, offering a prestigious training environment, and continuously participating in scientific work. To produce disciplined professionals with a broad outlook, the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, as well as leadership and management skills.

Our Goals

To obtain authorization for at least 4 additional training courses in 2022, to increase the diversity of our course offerings.

To eliminate the negative effects caused by the pandemic.

To achieve 75% capacity of our core training centers and 75% capacity of our applied training centers in 2022.

To maintain customer satisfaction above 90% in 2022.

To keep our simulators and laboratories active at all times.

To increase the quality and duration of English language training to our students.

To ensure that 50% of our deck watchkeeping officers and engineers pass the Foreign Language Exam by the end of 2022.

To increase the proportion of graduates who prefer our educational institution - when taking advanced training courses - by more than 50%.