Human Resources Service at EKOL

The Human Resources Department at EKOL Maritime Training Center operates as a private employment agency and is affiliated with İşkur. 

EKOL Maritime Training Center provides internships, employment and career counseling services to staff who undergo 2 year officer training. EKOL also provides employment and career counseling services to seafarers who have completed their training courses at our training center.

Deck Staff

Our Human Resources Department is in regular contact with companies in the shipping industry and provides professional support in finding employment in any maritime position.

In the context of deck personnel, we evaluate and assist with employment for the following positions; Captain, Chief Officer, 2nd Captain, 3rd Captain, Deck Cadet, Bosun, Able Seamen, Able Seaman, Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) and electricians.

Engine Staff

We evaluate and assist Engine personnel with employment for the following positions; Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, 4th Engineer, Engine Cadet, Donkeyman, Chief Engineering Crew, Oiler, Fitter, Fitter Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) and electricians.

The staff selection and placement processes are based on the professional principle of "the right person in the right place".

Benefits of working with us;

  • Having a wide candidate pool,
  • Analyzing the requirements of the staff to be employed,
  • Identifying suitable candidates,
  • Performing personality test evaluations,
  • And many more..

We give the utmost importance to protecting the legal rights of employers and employees at all stages of the employment process

Kitchen and Hotel Services

Our HR department also provides the staff management for the kitchen and hotel services of our national drilling ships and vessels. Our HR department also provides the management of approximately 100 staff with the work title of campboss, chefs, cooks and stewards.

EKOL is one of the few companies in Turkey that is certified by "Türk Loydu", which is a Classification and Conformity Assessment Agency; which provides classification, inspection and certification services, and is subject to periodic inspection every year.

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