• Watching machinery shifts in accordance with the safety precautions,
  • To be able to have command of written and spoken English at the level required on board,
  • To be able to use the internal communication system,
  • To ensure the operation of main and auxiliary machinery and the related control systems,
  • To ensure the operation of fuel, oil, ballast and other pumping systems and the related control systems,
  • To ensure that audio-visual, electrical and electronic equipment are kept active,
  • To ensure the maintenance, repair and position of audio-visual, electrical and electronic equipment,
  • To ensure the proper use of hand tools, machine tools and measuring instruments for manufacturing and repairs on board,
  • To duly ensure the maintenance, position and repair of machinery and equipment on board,
  • Fulfilling the requirements to prevent pollution,
  • To take the necessary measures for the ship to navigate safely under sea conditions,
  • To prevent the breakout of fire on board, to provide the necessary controls and to properly fight against fire,
  • To be able to use the life saving equipment properly,
  • To perform the medical first aid application on board in accordance with the procedural steps to be taken,
  • To ensure that the ship complies with the rules specified in National and International conventions,
  • To contribute to leadership and teamwork with their own skills,
  • To contribute to the ship and personnel safety.


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