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Training Program at International Standards

The content of the training you will receive at Ekol Shipping and all trainings have been validated and accredited nationally and internationally.

Training Environments at International Standards

In all trainings given at EKOL Shipping, realistic application environments are used, which are indispensable for maritime courses.

Directing to Business in International Standards

A Private Employment Agency is present in accordance with the ISKUR and MLC2006 and as certified by the state, unlike the activity of its peers.

Instructors at International Standards

Trainings are provided by masters and chief engineers who are experts in their fields whilst holding international training certificates.

What Does the Deck Watchkeeping Officer Do on Board?

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What Does the First Engineer Do on Board?

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Elektro Teknik Zabiti Gemide Ne İş Yapar?

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Ekol Shipping

You Are in the Right Port to Set the Sail

With our esteemed board of directors and expert training staff, we have been by your side for over 20 years, in order to prepare our valued seafarers for the open seas, and to enable them to have the competency to set sail on the sea. You can get detailed information from our website or from our school in Üsküdar.

Calm seas do not raise skilled sailors …


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