Delivery of the Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Provider Certificate within the Scope of EKOL Shipping & MLC 2006
delivery of the seafarer recruitment and placement service provider certificate within the scope of ekol shipping mlc 2006 ekol denizcilik

Delivery of the Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Provider Certificate within the Scope of EKOL Shipping & MLC 2006

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Ekol İş Güvenliği ve Personel Danışmanlığı TİC. A.Ş. (Ekol Occupational Safety and Personnel Consultancy), an affiliate of Ekol Maritime Training Institution was approved and certified as a service provider under the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2006) by Turkish Lloyd on October 17, 2019.


The Company authority Ship Master Vurgun KARAYEL, stated that Ekol shipping has been training seafarers at national and international standards for more than 20 years and added, “One of our primary goals is to employ the seafarers we provide training in line with the requirements of our shipowners. In another saying, we will train them and provide employment to those we have provided training”. Master KARAYEL, expressing that the most important issue in our sector today is the loss of employment, especially of our Turkish seafarers with crew competence, added that they would assist in the solution of this problem with a multilateral perspective, rational, permanent and an institutional approach in line with the national and international legislation. In his statement, he said, “Considering the issue that the preparations for compliance with MLC 2006 are ongoing in our country, some of our practices may not fully comply with the legislation today, but everyone should be aware of the fact that our objective as Ekol Human Resources Department is to provide employment to Turkish Seafarers”.

Master KARAYEL, stating that Ekol Human Resources was aware of the difficult processes when they started their journey in 2014, added, “We have received Special Employment Agency authorization from İŞKUR, which had not had any contact with seafarers before, on January 15, 2015, taking into account the principles of the MLC 2006 and renewed our active Turkish seafarer software covering over forty-six thousand seafarers to meet the employment requirements. During this process, we tested our system by directing the personnel needs of our shipowners from our database and developed the same according to the requirements”.

Master Vurgun KARAYEL finally stated that the most important target of Ekol Human Resources regarding its future activities is to create a Turkish seafarer training and employment model, which will also be acceptable to our shipowners, in accordance with the national and international legislation.