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Whatever you need about language is just what we possess…

As an institution proudly affiliated to the EKOL Maritime Training Center located in Maltepe, EKOL Foreign Language Institute provides a great variety of training service in all languages ​​for all partners of the maritime industry . All educational operations are implemented with great success either in the Maltepe Head Office or in the offices of the companies we service. Through its specialized expert trainers, EKOL Foreign Language Institute  offers its deep experiences in education together with the motto  ” whatever you need about language is just what we possess “.

Ekol Maritime Students

In the first year, the students who prefer our English-based programs are given intensive English courses. These trainings are offered by our local and foreign instructors with great emphasis on speaking ability. As a result of our meticulous and dynamic approach to education; the students who graduate from our programs set sail to maritime world by having speaking ability at the B2 level at least.

The students who have accomplished and met the requirements of B2 level of English in four skills in the first year are scheduled to exam preparation class for YDS (Foreign Language Proficiency Exam) which is mandatory for seamanship and for certain duties and titles in seafarers. In the second year, we graduate our students with the exam training for the YDS (Foreign Language Proficiency Exam), in the condition of exceeding a score threshold and with the language problem solved.  Our YDS trainings are given by our proven expert trainers who have been specialized for this exam.

Having received general English in the first year our students begin to learn the basic principles of Maritime English which comprise of certain special commands, phrases, definitions and words and which are vital for seafarers, in the second year. Thus; Our students, who go to sea when they graduate, can learn the terminology used in maritime and which is different from general English and so they easily communicate with everyone at sea.

Partners Operating in the Maritime Sector

Training services are provided in all languages, especially in English, for all partners operating in the maritime sector. Our local and foreign instructors provide services in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and all languages.

Shipyards, freight and passenger ships, port companies, offshore companies, supply companies, ship supply-maintenance companies, agencies, customs consultancy companies, marinas, yacht-diving-excursion companies, pilotage companies, Human Resources and Consultancy companies, and all chambers, foundations and any other associations operating in the maritime sector are satisfactorily provided in all areas regarding language.

General group trainings are offered at the EKOL Maritime Training Center’s building in Maltepe or at the companies’ own centers as a private service or online.  English for each level is taught by local and foreign instructors in classes of 4-6 .

Our general group trainings are given in 6 levels as A1-A2, B1-B2 and C1-C2, based on the European Language Portfolio (CEFR-Common European Framework of Reference  for Languages) criteria. Individual assessment of the level of English is always made before the training begins. This is done to ensure homogeneity in the classes.

It is a type of education focused solely on speech and for those who have reached a certain level of competency. Our students are encouraged to have a conversation on a previously determined subject then they are led to practice with the help of our local or foreign instructors. Through our visionary education model; everyone of our students undoubtedly acquires the fluency in speech. The trainings can be done in a group of 4-6 people or in one-on-one private lessons, or online.

Both general and speaking trainings are among our services given to the members of the company’s board of directors, general managers and assistant general managers, at workplaces.

These are the one-to-one trainings given by our specialized and proven instructors to prepare for YDS, TOEFL, IELTS and similar exams. We service these trainings everywhere that is needed,  at EKOL Maritime Training Center, at companies’ headquarters or online.

This type of education has been especially designed for those who have sufficient level of English but are not familiar with the terminology used in business english, in foreign trade (import-export), in negotiation techniques, in procurement, human resources interviews and recruitment, in presentations. To help you gain these skills before attending fairs or any international organisations and to make you feel comfortable when you speak fluently is our goal.

Having good command of English has always been a top priority for seafarers who wish to be employed by well-reputed shipping companies or to be promoted to a higher level. Besides, communication is of vital importance in maritime.  It must be clear, precise, simple and unambiguous so as not to cause confusion and error. To prevent possible  misunderstanding and misinterpretation, the spoken language in maritime has been standardized SMCP(Standard Marine Communication Phrases) includes phrases covering the most important safety-related fields of verbal shore-to ship, ship-to shore, ship-to-ship and onboard communications.

Along with a good level of general English, a seafarer must also have proficiency in Maritime English so as to adequately manage all the operational processes in the maritime, to be well organized to take prompt actions against difficulties that can be encountered and to have comprehensive knowledge of international regulations and conventions such as SOLAS, MARPOL, COLREG.

EKOL Foreign Language Institute offers exam services as well as language education. In the personnel recruitment processes of companies; it provides an important and comprehensive support to the human resources departments of the institutions by evaluating the candidates’ four language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) .

In Our Test Center, candidates receive scores for the four components of the exam . The average of  these scores constitutes the final exam grade.  Each skill is  evaluated seperately. The average score of these four skills is calculated and the total result of the exam is calculated out of 100 and finally sent to the relevant institution by mail.

For most people studying and living abroad might be their first experience in their lives. Before embarking on this adventure, a difficult process begins in which important decisions will be made in terms of time and cost. Only expert and experienced overseas education consultants can help you in this regard.

EKOL Foreign Language Institute offers privileged individual counselling on everything they need to the students who wish to pursue their education abroad with the consultants all of whom lived and have been trained abroad.

Out of thousands of educational institutions, EKOL Foreign Language Institute works cooperatively with only distinguished and award-winning language schools , summer schools, universities and college groups by selecting them .

All of our language schools abroad are high quality and prestigious educational institutions with national and international accreditation. The English language schools we represent are approved by British Council and English UK, American language schools ACCET, Canadian language schools LanguagesCanada , Australian language schools NEAS, Maltese language schools FELTOM, Irish language schools ACELS, South African language schools EduSA .

EKOL Foreign Language Institute provides consultancy services in a total of 14 countries including Germany, the USA, Australia, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada , Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands , Poland and New Zealand.  Our team consists of highly conscious and highly experienced education consultants who have personally experienced the living conditions abroad .

As EKOL Foreign Language Institute ; we offer the best service to our students who want to study abroad, from school selection to application, from the documents needed to visa , from flight tickets to accommodation and many more. We never end our ties with the students. Like a family, whenever they need us, we support them closely with regular visits of our counselor.

Our Foreign Consultancy Services;

Language Schools , High Schools , Universities , Certificate / Diploma Programs , Master / Master’s  Summer Camps , Visa procedures , Accommodation procedures

We will be pleased to listen to YOU and to present our knowledge and experience we have.

Whatever you need about language is just what we possess…